Vis Fre·quen·cies

My current research includes the creation of digital images based on natural forms and matrix patterns. These unique forms emerge from a seemingly chaotic and random collection of natural images. The forms are processed through a mathematical formula of proportions based in sacred geometry and the mirroring of themselves, to release these previously unseen characters. I then dowse the revealed form to validate the quality and character of the energy that it possesses.

So what are these new previously unseen forms? Are they maps of our consciousness, like the Tibetan’s mandala or sign post guiding us which way to go? Every new form, with its unique shape, color and texture, vibrates within a specific range of frequencies, “Visual Fre·quen·cies”. These visual vibrations seem to accentuate the senses and gently guild you to a meditative/awakened state. One unique factor with these revealed forms are that people respond to each one in a different manor. I have witnessed individuals brought to tears by merely seeing an image or they just could not stop looking at this new found object, moved by the energy that it held.

I feel that this visionary art strives to contact the higher consciousness, which contains our true nature as spiritual beings. Images arise that resonate with our ancient source, and our luminous future selves. I am currently cataloging these various unseen forms, predicting that they will soon reveal additional patterns, frequencies or a reason for their unveiling. Perhaps they are keys to another realm or are they merely windows to another time and space.

Just imagine a mirror whose world we can enter and whose inhabitants can pass into our world, as well. Like a portal with two sides, where this visual information presides. There is a landscape on one side of this portal, a place, which includes turbulence, dynamic systems, and strange atractors (Chaos Theory). On this side of the mirror, we observe the wags in which orderly systems grind into chaos. This leaves me with the belief that the universe is fundamentally made up of order and consciousness.

By revealing these forms, we soon discover that all around us is a new kind of magic, a new way to see. It’s another world that comes from the other side of the mirror, from beyond its portal, in a place where chaos gives birth to order. There seems to be a fertile boundary line between these two realms. It is a place of exquisitely strange beauty, filled with “Visual Essences”, each one with its own unique “frequency”. Our lives—and yours—can be a wonderful adventure of discovery, if we simply open our minds and hearts to it.

Patterns, Chaos, and Beauty. . .

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