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“Be at peace with the challenges, they are meant for your growth and the growth of others in your life.”

Joya (Owl Woman) lives in rural New England where she continues to pursue her career and interest in photography using her photos of nature to help heal the soul. She is a Norwegian/Passamaquoddy/Penobscot Native American experienced in ceremony, story telling, animal medicine, rites of passage, and most importantly— listening with an open heart.

She is also a contributing author to The Indigo Children a book inspired by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober: This subject speaks to our evolutionary journey with the “new” children. She tells the story of her journey with her sons and her granddaughters in a very candid recounting with these gifted children. She was also featured in Dr. Doreen Virtue’s book, Angels II. She has worked extensively with leading edge visionaries including: Lee Carroll, Gregg Braden, Dr. Doreen Virtue additional clients include: Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman and Carolyn Myss.

She has more than 30 years of experience working with children and adults as a healer and medicine woman. She is an ordained minister in earth studies, has worked extensively in early childhood education, and is versed in several healing modalities including cranial-sacral therapy and Reiki.

Joya Clark began her photographic career at the age of seven. Since then, her work has appeared on the covers of magazines and newspapers throughout the world. She is in galleries through out New England and several private collections. Joya believes that: “The essence of beautiful things are captured in the moment that the eye registers this vision as the soul fills with a deep calmness.” Her current work, Visual Essences®, was inspired through her journey with a health challenge of an initial diagnosis of colon cancer. On her way to holistic treatment in Colorado in 2001, she attended a retreat where she photographed the flowers on the altar. While reviewing these photos, she noted that something was different in the captured moments. The center of an amaryllis looked like an angel, and a photo of a statue of Mother Mary, later showed the statue with a tear in her eye. From these visual expression, Visual Essence® photography was born. She has developed a visual meditation that encapsulates the essence of life while bringing serenity to the spirit. She is expanding her research of  Visual Essences® and their effects on the soul.

Visual Essences Portfolio

In her own words, Joya explains that she is a channel for the photos that she takes. “I often have no idea of the beauty in the captured moment that I just took as a photo. “When I look at the photos, I realize that this is God’s beautiful work. I am expressing God through my photography.”

“Just a quick glance can forever be recalled in one’s memory. The essence of all things are in these captured moments. As your eyes register this experience, let your soul be renewed and filled with a deep peace. As you view these special photos you are affected by the visual expression that they represent; their essence. These expressions are but captured moments to help soothe you as your cellular memory awakens to the reflection within. Visual Essences® encapsulate the essence of life-force while bringing serenity to your spirit. They are remedies for your soul: a vibrational frequency that your body remembers.”

Joya has been the featured artist at a one person show in Concord, NH. She will also be at the UN in February, RenoNevada in March, Indianapolis in April and Mt. Shasta in June. Details of her schedule will be posted soon.

In recent months Visual Essences® have been experienced by many people. Joya presented a visual meditation at the Annual Day of Renewal sponsered by Darthmouth Hitchcock Memorial Hospital. Folks who attended spoke of the peace and serentity that they felt during and following the visual meditation.

Endorsement for Visual Essence®:

“I remember when I first saw Joya’s work. Sometimes friendship makes you more critical. My first reaction was therefore, ‘hey… did you do this?’ It was that good. When the eye of the beholder sees into the image before them… beauty, wisdom, and joy… that’s what the end product often winds up showing. This is energy transference at its best. I have her photos in my home…”

Lee Carroll – Author of the Kryon Book series for Metaphysics:

If you would like a session with Joya, to host her in your community, or if you have the need for a ceremony, such as a wedding, baptism or another ceremony, contact her at She and her husband also do desktop publishing, digital imaging, web authoring, marketing and ad & logo development. If you are interested in these services, please contact us at:

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